I love writing articles, reviews, poems and short stories. People have told me that my writing is amazing yet interesting and to as a writer that is a the highest compliment ever. My articles are in the genres of supernatural, paranormal, photography, fitness, travel, food, writing, and pets. My short stories I write in my favorite genres of horror, supernatural, and paranormal. I love writing poems and those either about love, emotions, are feelings based off my own life.

Thrilling News!!!

So after a month of working on my latest book “Paranorma 2” and my newest project Paranorma 2 Newspaper I am happy and excited to announce that I finished both my book and my newspaper, it was a huge accomplishment for me because I got done way before my finished dates. I’m happy to sayContinue reading “Thrilling News!!!”

Book Promo Tuesday

My poem book is a collection of my poetry I have written about my emotions, feelings, thoughts, and about life, love, and loss.


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